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ZAC Glamour Design presents the Beetle Armchair

By Brian Pho


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I’m not entirely sure that a Beetle would first come into mind when thinking of furniture design. Well, Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri have recently put together a fantastic looking armchair, which, you guessed it, bears the face of a VW Beetle.

In fact, the story is rather interesting – it was penned down by two apparently different characters: a famous iconic cars aficionado and a passionate for Swarovski glitter and bling. Quite extraordinary indeed, as the Beetle Armchair belongs to none of the categories, specifically speaking. ZAC Glamour Design lies behind the aforementioned two, having put together Car Art and Baroque elements. Furthermore, if it comes to think of genuineness, please take note: the designers have made particular use of the real wings of a Volkswagen Beetle MY1968, alongside LED lights and a carefully upholstered chair embellished with a plethora of Swarovski crystals.

It goes even beyond these, the armchair having been garnished with all sorts of silver or gold leaf inlays, silver or genuine 24-carat gold,  manufactured by a team of renowned Italian craftsmen. If you ask me, I wouldn’t use it inside my home – my personal pub would do, though!


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