The fabulous Christophe Colombe Hurricane Grand Voyage by Zenith

A superbly elegant thematic line, the Christopher Columbus collection by Zenith has recently been added a brand new member. The newest member of the lot is the Hurricane Grand Voyage, a stunning 10-piece limited edition timepiece boasting with features for the royal class.

First of all, the Zenith Christopher Columbus Hurricane Grand Voyage comes with a micro-painted, engraved and enameled caseback. The level of detailing on this segment is simply mind-boggling – there’s a gorgeously engraved portrait of Columbus, surrounding the gyroscopic mechanism, alongside a sextant to the far right.

Above these two one may notice the representation of Columbus’ flagship during the 1492 journey – the Santa Maria. The miniature representation of the ship is quite a masterpiece all by itself, incorporating two red crosses above the champlevé enameled sails. Accompanying the two red crosses there’s an elegant, red Zenith star. Furthermore, the edge of the caseback is garnished with a mini-painting of the horizon, at dusk or dawn, and a small wheel which may be considered the sun.

On the opposing side, the dial, the architecture emphasizes the most important design features of the watch – the gimbal cage which holds the 36,000 vph regulator constantly horizontal and the chain-and-fusee constant force system. The wristwatch is able to display seconds, on the dial located at 9 o’clock, power reserve at 4 o’clock and hours/minutes at 12 o’clock. Yet another superb representation is the counterweight to the regulator in the gimbal – a southern hemisphere replica, entirely painted by hand. Technically, the case is 14.8 mm thick and boasts rose gold manufacture. The price for such exclusivity – $353,000 a piece.