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Yamaha Niken Adds An Extra Wheel For Excitement

By Victor Baker


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Yamaha Niken

This is the Yamaha Niken, a high-performance, sports-oriented tilting 3-wheeler, that’s all set for production. Promising surreal levels of grip and confidence at the front end, this thing marks new beginnings and new levels of excitement for bike riders everywhere. It’s true that a lot of people don’t consider tilting 3-wheelers worthy of attention, but some of them might change their opinion after seeing and riding this bike.

With two wheels at the front, the grip feels just about perfect, the bike’s stability is simply amazing and the riding experience feels safer and more exciting, allowing the rider to push the throttle with more confidence. Yamaha has been teasing us with tilting 3-wheelers for a decade now, which is why we all have great expectations from the 2018 Yamaha Niken.

Yamaha Niken

But unfortunately they haven’t released too many technical specs yet. The engine might be inspired by the inline triple engine from the MT09 platform, with the Niken designed from the ground up to look like a beast. The wide, flat and angry front paneling seems to be complemented by the extra front wheel, which creates an overwhelming look.

The Yamaha Niken sits on three 15″ wheels, designed to make this thing turn super quick and promising a grip beyond your wildest dreams; feel free to act crazy at your own risk. Come November 6th, we’ll get the full picture on this new Yamaha bike. Excited much?

Yamaha Niken

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