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The Stunning Vina Vik Chile is Way Ahead of its Time

By Victor Baker


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Vina Vik

Nestled amidst Colchagua valley’s mountains in the heart of Chile, and surrounded by a beautiful vineyard, Vina Vik might be one of the world’s most incredible getaways.

No matter who you are or where you work, this mind blowing hotel will make you forget about all your worries, with a unique combination of luxury accommodations, panoramic views, Chilean wine and premium spa services that will make you fall in love with this place forever.

Each of the 22 suites on offer here comes with its own distinctive decor, complemented by floor-to-ceiling windows and magical views of the valley, the hills, forests, a lovely lake and the Andes Mountain range.

Vina Vik

While on location, guests will have the chance to take a tour of the winery and discover the unique process that goes into producing a bottle of VIK wine. Tasting the brand’s entire wine range in the presence of a sommelier is an experience no one should refuse, and horseback and mountain bike riding in this picturesque area are also activities you might want to try out.

Since it’s a bit cold here, from where I’m typing, I would rather prefer a trip to Vina Vik’s holistic wine spa, where a marvelous mix of aromas, textures, and sounds was specially designed to get your mind and body to optimum levels of efficiency. In the end, we just can’t ignore the fact that the exterior look of this unique location is somewhat futuristic and we’d love to see it with our own eyes as soon as possible.

Vina Vik

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