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Yacht Concept Of The Day: The UP40 Explorer by Antonini Navi

UP40 Explorer 1

It seems like June was quite a long time ago, but I do remember the unveiling of the Utility Platform 40 and the Italians at Antonini Navi celebrating their achievement. Their latest superyacht design, the UP40 Explorer concept, is based on the same modular steel platform and it looks even better than the Utility Platform 40. 

The UP40 Explorer has been designed in collaboration with the acclaimed yacht designer Fulvio de Simoni, a name that should ring some bells if you’re really passionate about sailing and luxury yachts.

According to seniore Fulvio de Simoni, this project was a real challenge considering the other options on the market and the fact that it had to share the UP40 platform.

UP40 Explorer 2

The aim was to create a comfortable, reliable, and safe vessel, hinting towards a tough, military feel, but one that could be easily extensively customized upon request, for extended cruises and long-range travel.

Antonini Navi’s newest yacht project shows off aggressive lines, with a raised bow that’s based on the shipyard’s offshore patrol vessel designs – just like North Atlantic tugboats. 

UP40 Explorer 3

Set to be available in two versions – Classic Explorer and Sport Explorer – this stunning vessel promises to cater to your every need and deliver more than different sundeck layouts.

The Classic Explorer features a large 60-square-meter raised deck meant to act as a technical area for tenders, submersibles, and water toys. Its sundeck also features a military-style pilothouse, while the stern section is where the sunbeds and a sun pad are located.

UP40 Explorer 4

The Sport Explorer version, on the other hand, seems to be more inspired by military vessels. But the 65-meter owner’s suite begs to differ. 

Antonini Navi worked with the MARIN Maritime Research Institute in the Netherlands to put this vessel through its paces in extreme conditions.

According to its builders, the UP40 Explorer would benefit from a range of over 6,000 miles at 11 knots, as well as a top speed of around 15 knots. Would you like to see the entire world with this yacht?

UP40 Explorer 5


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