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Wow Factor: The new Graff Eclipse Tourbillon

By Victor Baker


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Graff Eclipse Tourbillon

Two years ago the Graffstar Slim Eclipse took everyone by surprise, when it was unveiled by the renowned British jeweller Graff Diamonds. Featuring a ravishing titanium black DLC case, this slim and lightweight Graff masterpiece was both luxurious and sophisticated, and it was specially designed to keep in line with any style or fashion idea – that’s why it became one of the most sought after watches from Graff’s impressive timepiece collection.

But Graff’s luxury watch division hasn’t stopped there, and they’ve unveiled something even better this year. The updated Eclipse model has been dubbed as the Graff Eclipse Tourbillon, and it takes the wow factor to the very next level. Presented in a stylish 43 mm titanium black DLC case, that’s just 8.2 mm wide and weights just 45 grams, this timepiece is as impressive as it is comfortable.

Graff Eclipse Tourbillon

Every single detail on this exquisite watch is dark, including the Graff Icon at 12 o’clock or the crown tipped with a black diamond – is Batman looking for a new timepiece? The Graff Eclipse Tourbillon is also powered by a new automatic tourbillon movement, with a peripheral rotor, that was entirely developed in Switzerland and it’s just 4.31 mm wide.

Able to withstand 30-meter deep waters, this exceptional timepiece is joined by a stylish alligator strap, that’s also blacked-out. The price of this timeless black elegance? At $60,000 USD, the Graff Eclipse Tourbillon could be yours starting this July.

Graff Eclipse Tourbillon

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