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Would You Pay $500K For A Diamond Encrusted iPhone 7?

By Victor Baker


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Diamond Encrusted iPhone 7

That seems like a perfectly normal question to ask, considering that the ‘regular’ black iPhone 7 is deemed not too stylish by some people out there. I’d probably never afford to pay $500k for a smartphone, but some people would do anything to stand out from the rest, even if it means getting ridiculously expensive, blinged-out versions of the most popular handsets out there.

There are already some companies that will happily take your new iPhone and dip it in gold, or encrust it with diamonds – but why not go crazy and have both? The people at Gresso have improved upon the newest Apple creation and transformed it into the iPhone 7 Black Diamond, that will be available in three different versions, boasting high-quality titanium and 1,450 black diamonds (or 102 carats).

Diamond Encrusted iPhone 7

The company’s logo and the camera frame also benefit from the same, special treatment, featuring 18k gold. We should definitely not ignore the fact that these precious smartphones will come with black Airbods, studded with 30 black diamonds.

Obviously, that half-a-mil price-tag isn’t just for anyone, which is why the company will also prepare a much more affordable $2,500 iPhone option, with a titanium case with gold inlays. Still, with that kind of an iPhone, you would definitely make an impression on anyone, right?

Diamond Encrusted iPhone 7

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