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World’s First Private Supersonic Jet to Offer HD Displays Instead of Windows

By Brody Patterson


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The view from airplanes is not quite as awesome as you’d expect from something tens of thousands of feet into the air, due to those windows being too small. Boston-based company Spike Aerospace intends to solve this problem, while simultaneously dealing with an important technical issue, with the addition of giant virtual windows to its new supersonic aircraft: the S-512. Right now, the S-512 is only in the concept phase, but if and when completed it will be the first private jet to not only offer virtual panoramic views on board, but also cruise at supersonic speed.

The technical issue mentioned earlier is the problem of drag – which windows add a lot of! A supersonic jet will need to be as aerodynamic as possible, so they’re being completely removed. To compensate, the airplane offers high-definition live streaming from cameras fixed on its exterior, which sounds less like a get around to a problem, and more like an improvement! The screens can also be dimmed or shut-down, making it a customizable experience.

The S-512 is still under development, but if it finally goes into production it will certainly be quite a step forward in air travel, something we’re all eagerly looking forward to.

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