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The Rondo Stand: A Comfy Crib for the Classy Cat

By Brody Patterson


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For those who want nothing but the best for their feline friends, Pet Interiors has created the Rondo cat stand, a sleek and functional den that’s not only comfortable for your pet, it also looks good in your home.

It is a wide cylindrical pod than can be either mounted on a pedestal, or directly fixed to the wall, creating a nice and cozy shelter for your cat.

Available in a variety of materials including leather, wicker, leatherette and even crochet, the Rondo comes with an interior cushion which is created with a latex flake mixture that retains its shape and so it’s incredibly comfortable.

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It also features a removable machine washable cover made of brushed wool fleece, which is available in any one of 9 different colors.

There’s also the option of fitting the Rondo with scratch covers made from enduring needle felt, providing your cat with its very own scratching post (the furniture will thank you later!).

Here on Petside you can find the different types of cat scratching posts. 

Nominated for a German design award in 2007, the Rondo is manufactured in a small workshop in Upper Franconia and is available for $855.

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