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World’s first Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8

What we’re currently witnessing is a revolution in the industry of VIP travelling. This article will tell the story of the first Boeing business jets equipped with Aeroloft.  These features are the ultimate in terms of luxury VIP travelling. Their creator, Greenpoint Technologies, based in the state of Washington, has recently delivered its first patented Aeroloft installed on a BBJ 747-8 VIP airplane. The addressee has remained undisclosed.

The designs were customized to fit the Boeing Business Jet 747-8. Aerolofts provide spots of security and privacy for every person, based on a modular design, removing unwanted sounds and activity from the VIP’s world. They can be found above the main cabin, between the aircraft’s tail and the upper deck. If wanted, the Aerolofts can be decked with all sorts of custom furnishings and designs,

Furthermore, we should also consider the 393 square feet extension of cabin space. Not to mention that the aeroloft increases the total cabin space to a whopping 5,179 square feet. This truly is a masterpiece of engineering, the most exciting and innovative project Greenpoint Technologies have ever conceived alongside Boeing.

In addition, the officials at Boeing have expressed their content regarding the aeroloft, adding that they’re almost certain every one of their customers will truly enjoy these new additions. The installation of the Aerolofts was executed in Wichita, Kansas, while the finished airplane is currently located in Hamburg, Germany, for a clean, interior finish at Lufthansa Technik.

We’ve also heard that Boeing is looking forward to complete 2 more Aeroloft-equipped Boeing Business Jet 747-8 for their customers.

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