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Villa La Massa is an Idyllic Retreat from Tuscany

By Victor Baker


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Villa La Massa

Here we are again, looking for idyllic places to travel to; this time, we are going to focus our attention on a stunning Renaissance mansion, nestled in the picturesque Tuscan countryside and surrounded by pristine nature.

The spectacular Villa La Massa began its life as a Medici villa back in the 16th century and it was home to many aristocratic European families over the centuries, before being transformed into a charming hotel in 1948. It feels like another world, the minute you arrive here.

Names like Clark Gable and Elizabeth Taylor were at some point written on the guests’ list, and the 37 gorgeous rooms and suites on offer here overlook a lemon tree orchard and olive groves, the perfect escape from the urban scenery and hustle and bustle of daily life.

Villa La Massa

The hotel’s wonderful Arno Spa is another reason why you will probably fall in love with this place, featuring a Turkish bath, a lovely sauna and a Roman pool with hydro-massage and sensory showers. There’s also a little gym on site and space for yoga and floor exercises, while two spa suites will make your vacation here ten times better with rejuvenating treatments pervaded with Tuscan scents.

Of course, any vacation to Tuscany has to involve delicious food and wines, and the on-site Il Verrocchio restaurants serves the best of both worlds, with traditional Tuscan dishes mixed with some of the best wines. This stunning hotel is pretty close to the Chianti Classico wine region, so you’ll probably want to take a tour and bring back home a bottle of wine.

Villa La Massa is also just 15 minutes away from the center of Florence, so it’s also a great starting point to discover the beauty and culture of this unique town and all its surroundings.

Villa La Massa

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