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The Ganimede Concept is Fincantieri’s Early Christmas Gift

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Ganimede Concept

Some people might argue that it may be too soon to talk about Christmas, but considering that most Christmas markets around the world will open this weekend, I will let it slide.

The Ganimede is yet another stunning concept from Italian duo Fincantieri Yachts and Hot Lab, a mesmerizing 110-metre superyacht that was named after the Greek mythological figure Ganymede, a divine hero from Troy, who was described by Homer as the most beautiful of mortals – feel free to look that up.

In the meantime, we will be focusing our attention on the wonderful vessel before you, that aims to be just as awesome as Ganymede – I doubt mythical heros had ever imagined a helicopter landing pad, a dedicated hangar and many other goodies.

Ganimede Concept

There’s more to Ganimede than that, with outdoor guest areas showing off art deco styling, while a swimming pool and a 20-meter beach club act as the perfect chill out spots. Speaking of which, hanging out aboard this vessel will be a real treat, with a special central bar area, that’s fully prepared to tease your senses and keep the conversation going.

Unfortunately we don’t have too many details about Ganimede right now, but we do know that the owner’s suite will be located on the upper deck forward and it’s going to be complemented by a special lounge and filled with all the modern equipment you could think of. Can you guesstimate how much this vessel will end up costing?

Ganimede Concept

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