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The Sea Wedge Estate Will Get Even The Tasmanian Devil Relaxed

By Victor Baker


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Sea Wedge Estate

As you might have guessed by now, the stunning estate before you is located in Tasmania, Australia. Let’s just hope that people know more about this unique part of the world than what Looney Tunes have taught us. Does anyone else remember the Tasmanian Devil, commonly referred to as Taz, the wacky cartoon character featured in the Warner Bros’ Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons?

Moving along, as this spectacular property, dubbed the Sea Wedge Estate, is now on the market for only A$3.2 million. That kind of money will get you more than a big smile on your face: a little paradise nestled on a secluded patch of land, that’s complemented by a wonderful natural landscape and sweeping views of its coastal surroundings.

Sea Wedge Estate

The tranquil environment allows the lucky owners of this property to take a closer look at native wildlife, although the interior’s relaxed simplicity and warm tones are most likely to win the competition. Showing off rich wood accents and earthen tiles, complemented by cream-colored walls and stone features, the estate’s charming rooms are equally appealing.

Sitting on 55 acres of private land, the 3,982-square-foot home comes with four bedrooms and two full bathrooms, although its next owners will also appreciate the large kitchen with multiple ovens, an orchard, a covered vegetable garden, a special wine fridge, a vineyard, and more. So, who’s moving to Tasmania?

Sea Wedge Estate

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