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Get Ready to Enjoy Shinola’s Canfield Headphones

Shinola Canfield Headphones

Some of you probably know Shinola for their impressive bicycles or their super chic watches, but now the Detroit-based company is entering the world of audio technology as well.

Their first audio release, the Canfield Headphones, are all set to deliver unparalleled aesthetics and top of the range sound quality, which is exactly what people want out of their headphones, right?

The Shinola Canfield Headphones are available both in on-ear and over-ear form, complemented by various color schemes to match your taste and preferences. But if you usually like retro-themed gadgets, you’d have to be crazy not to love what you see.

Shinola Canfield Headphones

Shinola’s headphones are basically the pinnacle of what this company has to offer. Beautifully crafted and looking as cool as they come, each of the two variations will surely get audiophiles excited.

The over-ear version promise a vivid sound that’s acoustically tuned and engineered by Shinola’s audio department. These headphones show off stainless steel components, interchangeable lambskin ear pads and luxurious top grain leather headbands.

On the other hand, the on ear headphones offer the same fine features and performance with a more compact look and feel. Effortlessly cool with an impeccable sound quality, Shinola’s design of the Canfield Headphones will surely raise the bar for many other audio companies.

Shinola Canfield Headphones


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