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Uunique’s London Lotus is the Most Expensive iPhone 5 case

By Adrian Prisca


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Actress Mischa Barton has recently had quite a nice occasion to show off her glamour, quite literally. She had been chosen to present the most expensive iPhone 5 case in the world, designed by Uunique, a renowned brand from the UK.

Reportedly named the London Lotus iPhone 5 Case, it boasts with 18 carat rose gold garnishing, white and pink diamonds, in addition to Italian leather carefully manufactured by hand. Mischa Barton has worn a maxi dress encrusted with gems and a stunningly sparkling headband at the event, to match the glamour of such a valuable piece. In addition, “The OC’s” star has presented a collection of reasonably priced iPhone case designs for Uunique which were penned down by her.

During an interview for the famous tech site T3 she stated: “Uunique approached me and I thought it would be a really interesting thing to design something that was both functional and fashionable.” She has also confessed about her anxiousness to create fashionable designs for iPad and iPhone cases, embodying all sorts of embossments and embroideries alongside an entire array of different fabrics.

“I see a lot of use for different kinds of fake metals and Perspex, fake wood, cork and plastics and to just see what you can do.” she had later explained. In spite of having previously admitted she isn’t exactly a professional in terms of technology, she actually proves to love innovations. “I’m quite a science geek actually. So if I see gadgets I’ll quite enjoy playing with them, but I don’t really own that many.” she says.

The series, named “Unique by Mischa”, encompasses cases which cost between $40 and $960, the most expensive ones being embellished with Swarovski crystals. As for the London Lotus iPhone 5 case, it costs a whopping $302,985, in comparison to the previous record holder, a case from The Natural Sapphire Company, priced at $100,000.


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