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Aurum 79 is the world’s most expensive bottle of water

Water may be one of the most easily obtainable and most abundant substances on the face of the planet, but this doesn’t mean it comes cheap. There are plenty of designer water bottles out there to entice the most richest of people, but none will match the exquisiteness of the Aurum 79.

The bottle will be debuting at Big Boys Toys Exhibition and it is reportedly crafted from state of the art crystal glass. It is embellished with 113 diamonds and pure gold. The ostentatiously opulent bottle further includes half a liter of pure spring water from St. Leonhard Germany refined with edible gold flakes of pure gold.

Things like this one sometimes make us wonder what’s the point behind them, what are they supposed to quench, really? This is beyond opulence, beyond everything we have ever seen. The most expensive water bottle in the world will be available at $900,000, with only three such bottles ever to be purchasable by collectors.



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