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The 25 Best Beer Brands in the World

By Adrian Prisca


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Best Beer Brands

With summer just around the corner (wishful thinking if you look outside my window right now!), you have to get your beer game back on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no particular season that is more appropriate for drinking beer, but a nice chilled bottle on a hot summer day sounds just about right.

Beer is one of those beverages that brings people together, and we all need that right now. Maybe more than ever.

One of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, the reason it’s still so popular today is because it is very affordable and fairly easy to make. Every country has their own rules and regulations for the production of beer, but they aren’t as strict as the laws concerning high alcohol spirits.

Types of Beer

Types of Beer
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There are a few types of beer, and the type of yeasts used to ferment differentiates them from one another. Whether it is considered a lager or an ale depends on the fermenting process.

Here are the most common types of beer on the market today:


Created through the top fermentation process, the method uses warmer temperatures for the fermentation of the yeast. The taste is full-bodied and sweet, and it can have fruity or floral notes.


Lagers, on the other hand, use lower temperatures than ales for the yeast to ferment. Fermented from the bottom up using slow fermentation, the results can have a variety of colors, from pale to dark.


Originated in the 1700s in the UK, Porters are brewed with the top fermentation method, and are dark in appearance. On the sweeter side, they can have a dry malty bitterness, and caramel or chocolate flavor.


Stout is similar to Porter, but the difference is that stouts use malted roasted barley, while porter uses the unmalted variety. A top fermented beer, it is dark in color and generally full-bodied. The best example of a stout is Guinness.


Originated in the Czech Republic, Pilsner started off as an accident in 1842, but it remained a popular beer because of its light, smooth taste.

Those are the most popular types of beer, but there are a few more, such as blonde ale, brown ale, sour ale, and wheat beer. It all has to do with the method used for fermentation of the yeast, and the flavoring added by brands to distinguish themselves from one another.

Beer with friends
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Watching a game with your friends, celebrating a promotion, or just having a chilled one along a summer barbecue seems empty without a beer alongside it. A universal drink, we included beers from all around the world so you can get familiar with some brands you might not know about.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 25 best beer brands in the world.

25. Kingfisher, India

Kingfisher Beer

Leading Indian beer in the world, Kingfisher has a rich and interesting history. It dates back to 1857 in Mysore, Bangalore, when they created their own special recipe. Using water, malted barley, hops, glucose syrup, and torrefied wheat, the brew pairs well with Indian spicy cuisine. Their most popular offerings are the Kingfisher Premium and the Kingfisher Strong.

24. Coopers, Australia

Coopers beer

An Australian brewery that is based in Regency Park in Adelaide, Coopers has an impressive reputation. They have been in operation since 1862, and Thomas Cooper has kept the company in their family for six generations. They produce high quality ales and stouts that are very popular in that part of the globe.

23. Köstritzer Schwarzbier, Germany

Köstritzer Schwarzbier

This old German brewery can be traced back to 1543, and their flagship product carries the company’s name. They use high quality ingredients, a brewing tradition and special recipe that makes their product unique. The result is the most sought after black beer in the world. This bottom fermented dark beer has an intense aroma, with notes of dark honey, bitter chocolate, roasted chestnuts, and sage.

22. Grolsch, Netherlands

Grolsch Beer

The brand’s flagship beer, Grolsch came around after apprentice brewer Peter Kuijper joined Grolsch Brewery in the 1600s. Their Premium pilsner is a well-balanced European classic that is crafted with three varieties of barley malts. Featuring a fresh and slight citric taste, it has a delicate finish.

21. Pilsner Urquell, Czech Republic

Pilsner Urquell Beer
Pilsner Urquell

Originating in the Czech Republic back in 1842, this beer boasts a light taste. Joseph Groll, its founder, has mastered his pilsner lager by a special method. He used barrels and triple decoction for brewing, then perfected the process of heating the mash three times. That resulted in an enhanced color and flavor, and this process is still used today.

20. Peroni, Italy


Italian brewery Birra Peroni was founded in 1846 in Vigevano, Italy, by Francesco Perroni. The glacial water available in the area was used for crafting of their beer, and was immediately adored by everyone who tried it. The taste was unique to the region, and the high quality ingredients gave Peroni an authentic feeling. Their flagship product is the Pale Lager.

19. Busch, US

Busch beer

This American style Lager delivers a fresh, smooth taste and easy finish. Made with fine ingredients such as barley malt, a blend of premium hops and crisp water, it provides a balanced and very pleasant flavor. Owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the conglomerate that owns many breweries and beverage companies, Busch is one of the top selling beers in the US.

18. San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Philippines

San Miguel Pale Pilsen
San Miguel

This Filipino pale lager is produced by San Miguel Brewery, and it is their flagship beverage. It is made from American and German hops and imported barley malt. The result is a mouthwatering, well-balanced medium bodied beer that slides smoothly on the palate and has a clean finish. The distinct bitter hop character gives the beer and edge.

17. Yuengling, United States

Yuengling beer

An iconic American lager, Yuengling is famous for its medium-bodied flavor and rich amber color. It has a subtle sweetness to it thanks to the roasted caramel malt, and an overall balanced taste that comes from a combination of cascade and cluster hops. It is great chilled, whether you use it straight from the bottle, or a beer mug.

16. Carlsberg, Denmark


Premium Danish Lager is brewed with some very set principles that were introduced in 1869. Its distinctive citrus and floral hop make it the perfect beer for those that are looking for depth of flavor. It originated in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the brewery’s lagers are derived from the original yeast, the Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis.

15. Efes Pilsener, Turkey

Efes beer

Founded in 1966 in Istanbul, Turkey, Efes Pilsen is a pale lager that has a nice all around robustness. Named after the ancient city of Ephesus, the beer is brewed by Efes Beverage group, a subsidiary of Anadolu Group. At 5% alcohol, it has a nice balance of earthy flavors and pale malts. The taste is light and crisp, with a slightly bitter finish.

14. Samuel Adams, United States

Samuel Adams beer
Samuel Adams

Brewed by the Boston Beer Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sam Adams is a full-flavored high quality brew. Founder Jim Koch brewed his first batch in his own kitchen following a recipe that belonged to his great great grandfather. This amber colored lager was first introduced in 1984, and it is the flagship beer among New Englanders.

13. Tsingtao, China

Tsingtao Beer

One of the top beer brands in the world today, it holds about 15% of the total global market share. Not only a best seller in its homeland, it is among the most sold beers in every Chinese restaurant in North America. Founded by British and German settlers in Qingdao in 1903, their beer is crafted using a German technique. Using local ingredients, the result is a clean, smooth beer with a distinct flavor.

12. Guinness, Ireland

Guinness Beer

Founded in 1759 in Dublin, Ireland, this dark stout is an acquired taste. With tasting notes of chocolate, coffee, and tobacco, this brew features a hop bitterness to it. It also has a malty flavor with crisp roasted notes and a bittersweet finish. The brew pairs well with pork and desserts.

11. Brahma, Brazil

Brahma Beer

Another well established brand that originated in the 1800s in the tropical heat of Brazil, it was the Companhia Cervejaria Brahma that introduced this brew to the world. A delicious pale Lager beer that has hoppy notes, it is a well balanced brew that goes down nicely. Brahma is also owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

10. Corona, Mexico

Corona Extra

One of the most popular beers in the world, Corona originated in Mexico City in 1925. A crisp yet light beer, it is one of the best selling beers in North America. The flavor profile is simple, with sweet notes that complement the wedge of lime perfectly. This golden lager has a refreshing taste that is perfect for those warm beach days.

9. Miller Lite, United States

Miller Lite
Miller Lite

Their story started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1855. Founded by Frederick Miller, a German that immigrated to the US, he started his company with his knowledge he brought from home. A popular brand, they have a few different products that all sell very well. Miller Light is a nice, lightweight pale ale that is very clean and smooth.

8. Skol, Brazil

Skol beer

Prior to InBev’s merger with Anheuser-Busch, Brazilian beer Skol was their leading product on the global market. They are still one of the most popular beers in the world, as they use the finest ingredients for brewing.

Brewed since 1959, Skol has a refreshing and satisfying taste. The company uses the best quality pure water, hops, and grain malt available. They are part of Danish conglomerate Carlsberg Group.

7. Asahi, Japan

Asahi Beer

Headquartered in Sumida, Tokyo, Asahi is a Japanese company that produces soft drinks, spirits, as well as beer. Its history dates back to 1889 in Osaka, its founding place. Since then, the company expanded and acquired many other multiple beverage brands from Australia. They also have a significant market share in Central Eastren Europe, as well as Western Europe.

The taste of Ashaki is clean and crisp, and its dry flavor pairs well with different types of food. It does taste a little bitter but with a smooth finish, which makes it a very popular offering.

6. Coors Light, United States

Coors Light
Coors Light

One of the lightest and smoothest beers around, Coors Light is great for those who don’t like a bitter aftertaste. From Colorado comes this crisp and clean brew that is an American-style light lager beer. The Rocky Mountain refreshment really does remind you of a cool day spent outdoors.

It is a golden beer that is crafted with pure water, and it is cold filtered, cold lagered, and cold packaged. The two-row barley malt, lager yeast, as well as a combination of four hop varieties all contribute to the refreshing taste of this low-calorie beer.

5. Stella Artois, Belgium

Stella Artois Beer
Stella Artois

This great Belgian beer can be traced all the way to 1366, when it was founded in Leuven, Belgium. Stella, or star in Latin, has a touch of bitterness and dry finish, and a golden color. Originally created as a gift to the people in the city of Leuven back more than 600 years ago, the brewery is still in production today.

4. Becks, Germany

Becks Beer

Located in Bremen, Germany, Beck’s brewery was founded in 1873 by Heinrich Beck, Luder Rutenberg, and Thomas May. Beck, a master brewer, got together with the local builder Rutenberg and May, a merchant he knew to start off a brewing company.

The resulting brew is still available today. Becks was the first brewery to use green bottles for their products. This German Pilsner is renowned for its full body. Its malty sweetness and flavorful taste makes Becks a very popular beer around the world.

3. Heineken, Netherlands

Heineken beer

Founded in Amsterdam in the 1800s, this Dutch company offers a great quality, refreshing brew. A great beer in its own way, the company puts a lot of time and effort into producing it. Heineken has remained at the top of the global beer consumption for decades, even though it is one of the most expensive beers in the world. Controlled brewing and quality ingredients is what keeps them at the top.

2. Snow, China

Snow Beer
Snow Beer

The most dominant market share of the beer market in the world, Snow holds 21% of the worldwide beer sales. Pretty impressive, but the brand includes a variety of beers in this number, whereas Budweiser, and other Budweiser products count as individual brands.

That being said, Snow beer generally has a light, smooth, yet a little fizzy taste that goes down nicely. You will rarely go to a Chinese restaurant anywhere in the world without seeing Snow being sold.

1. Budweiser, United States

Budweiser Beer

This is by far the most popular beer in North America, if not in the entire world. And we don’t only judge based on their amazing adverts. The beer’s smooth, palatable flavor is thoroughly enjoyed all year long, but it tastes even better in summer.

Founded in the middle of the 19th century by Adolph Busch, a German who joined his father-in-law’s business in the US. It became the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association in 1879. For decades this beer was referred to as the ‘King of Beers’.

But in the last few years and with the entry of many new Asian beers into the global scene, it has been dethroned. It still holds our top spot, because, well, it’s Budweiser.

There are literally thousands of breweries around the world, but we had to narrow down the list to only 25. So we hope you enjoyed our picks of the 25 best beer brands in the world. Hopefully you discovered one or two that you haven’t heard of before.

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