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Ulysse Nardin Chairman smartphones are available worldwide

By Adrian Prisca


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Crowned as “The Most Expensive Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) Series” by the Guiness World Records, the phones are finally available for purchase. The Ulysse Nardin Chairman phones, as they’ve been named, are “the world’s first and finest luxury hybrid smart phones”.

They have started being shipped out by Scientific Cellular Innovations, Ltd within the United States as well as abroad. If you’re American, you can get yours from the Ulysse Nardin Boutiques in Florida. The phones have also been authorized to be sold in India, through their particular dealers.

Other countries where you can purchase one of these beauties are Israel, Russia, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic or the Caribbean in Q1 dealerships this year. At wish, you can choose to buy a docking station solely-built for these models.

They come in a limited edition, of course, in 1846 units. This particular number represents the year when Ulysse Nardin’s activity began.


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