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Two Beautiful Lofts for Sale in Tribeca, New York City

By Adrian Prisca


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The United States probably feature the most expensive and most extravagant residential locations in the world. And one of the most desired spots in the US is Manhattan, New York. These two lofts we will present are located in Lower Manhattan, New York.

They are for sale through Elliman and both of them are found in the same building on Greenwich Street, in Tribeca. The first is located on the fourth floor, and features two bedrooms and one and a half baths over a total area of 3,428 square feet. The second one is located higher, on the 8th floor and occupies a surface of 3,616 square feet featuring four bedrooms and 4 baths.

Enhancing the feeling of privacy, which in New York is a big problem, both are full-floor lofts, having their own private key-locked elevator. The prices for them are on the measures of their extravagance. The 4th floor loft is available for $7,6 million, while the 8th floor one comes at $8.75 million.

They may seem huge for us, but for New Yorkers they are kind-of common. Space is costly there.


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