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The Ultra-Lightweight 48M SuperSport by Palmer Johnson Yachts

By Brody Patterson


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Palmer Johnson Yachts has recently taken the wraps of the eye-catching new 48M SuperSport. The luxury yacht is impressive not only thanks to its sleek, futuristic design, but also due to the use of high-tech materials in its construction.

What makes the vessel truly unique is the fact that its hull and superstructure are made from ultra-lightweight carbon composite. This actually reduces the 48M SuperSport’s weight by a staggering two thirds, which has quite an impact of boat’s performance and efficiency. This means that the yacht’s engines have much less work to do powering it forward. It also allows the vessel to reach a respectable top speed of about 32 knots. The 49-meter yacht has enough room on board to comfortably accommodate 12 passengers and a crew of 9.

Not much has been revealed by Palmer Johnson Yachts with regards to the price tag for the 48M SuperSport. Given its size, the high-tech materials used in its construction, and its luxurious features, it’s safe to say that price will be somewhere in the eight figures.


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