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U-Boat Worx brings us NEMO, a Lightweight Luxury Submersible

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Netherlands’ most famous builder of private submarines, U-Boat Worx, is getting ready to launch its newest creation. NEMO, a lightweight 2-seater luxury submersible, that follows after the success of their previous C-Researcher Series and Super Yacht Sub series. This super cool sub is in the final stage of production right now.

Boasting an ultra modern design with sharp lines, a hydrodynamic form and an optimal power to weight ratio, NEMO is ready to take on the depths of the seas and oceans. Among the many features, some of the more important ones are the transparent nosecones, octagonal thruster ducts, car-like stern and a fully acrylic pressurized hull.

U-Boat Worx NEMO 2

The sub weighs only 2,5 tons, making it the lightest manned submersible ever built. Another important fact is its size, as NEMO is only 155 centimeters in height, so it can be towed behind a car or on a decent sized trailer, making it perfect for shoreside launching.

On the interior, NEMO comes with a modern design, with a big plus on the comfort and functionality side. The entire interior was designed with the pilots in mind, so the sub comes out as the ultimate submarine experience. And if you’re wondering, U-Boat Worx also provides training for those who purchase a NEMO submersible, consisting of 12 days of full-time training at their facility, the Sub Center Curaçao (SCC).

After completing the course, the owners will be handed the keys to their new underwater toy, a fully DNV-GL certified NEMO submersible. The only production line submarine in the world, NEMO comes with a high price of $1,058,000 and will be available once market demand has been met.

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