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Trend Alert: Diamond Jewelry Collection from Klenota

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Minimalism has conquered the fashion world! At the forefront are gold necklaces, rings and earrings, all in a minimalist style. And they will look the best when you combine them all together.

Now who doesn’t like minimalist jewelry? It is delicate and inconspicuous, yet it attracts attention with its uniqueness. If you want to be elegant and stylish in all situations, then this style of jewelry might be the perfect one for you.

Be inspired by the new Bezel collection from the KLENOTA jewelry studio, which has been created for the independent and confident woman.

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What is a bezel setting and why does it go so well with diamonds?

Clean smooth lines and timelessness are featured throughout the Bezel jewelry collection. And yellow, white and rose 14k gold as well as diamonds, all in a bezel setting (after which the collection is named), play a starring role.

A bezel or a lunette is a round metal collar that surrounds the stone all the way around. This is the most secure type of setting for gemstones and in this setting, the chance of the stone falling out can almost be ruled out. This setting is also suitable for gemstones which are softer such as morganites and aquamarines, because it protects them from scratches. Bezel settings also bring with them a side effect that you probably won’t mind – a diamond in this setting looks a little bit bigger than it really is.

When looking at jewelry in a bezel setting, you might wonder: how is it possible that the stone stays firmly fixed in place and doesn’t fall out? Jarmila Slívová, owner of KLENOTA jewelers in Prague, has revealed: “This type of setting has fascinated me since the time we started producing jewelry. Its charm lies in the fact that it is impossible to see by looking at the stone how it got inside the metal ring. You only see a diamond perfectly set inside a metal collar. It is a classic technique for our stone setters and yet the mechanism of it remains a bit of a mystery to the average person.”

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Layer and enjoy

Bezel set rings are great as engagement rings but they also work well in combination with others as “stackable rings”. Necklaces with bezel set diamonds can create an interesting layered effect. Mix them together or match them with another pendant, either a pearl or a medallion. Diamond stud earrings are also a must. And about these we could say with a clear conscience that every woman really does need a pair.

“For me personally, the Bezel collection is close to my heart. I like to wear minimalist jewelry because it suits me perfectly and it layers easily”, disclosed Jarmila Slívová.

You can combine pieces based on your mood, remove and add pieces as you wish and create your own individual style. You can look different every time, but always be perfectly styled.

View the entire Bezel collection. Choose the color of gold you want or even adjust the length of the chain you need. The jewelry is hand made at our studio and we will deliver it free of charge in a gift box along with a certificate of authenticity.

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