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Check Out The 10 Most Expensive BBQ Grills in the World

We’ve all been through a lot this year, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the little pleasures in life, right at our home. It’s still summer out there and it’s always a good idea to break out the grill, invite a few friends over or relax with your family in your backyard. There’s nothing like fresh meat, some veges or fish cooked on your grill, and if you still don’t have a grill yet, now it’s the best time to invest in one.

Some of the best high-end infrared grills can cost anywhere between $600 and $1,000, but if you’re one of those people who thinks you’ll cook better on a more expensive grill, you might be surprised to find out how expensive these things can get. Would you believe there are grills that cost over $100,000? Find out which are the most expensive grills in the world in this list:

10. Bull Little Q Grill Island – $6,500

Bull Little Q Grill Island

We’re starting the top 10 list with Bull BBQ’s Little Q Island, a smaller, more compact grill, that looks like a grilling station, with everything you might need for the best grilling experience. Its compact size allows you to have more space for outdoor dining or entertainment, but this cool grill island also comes with a built in refrigerator, storage spaces, and a lovely three person bar area.

The Bull Little Q Island is equipped with four stainless steel burners and an infrared burner, one of the best grilling innovations. You can purchase it for just $6,500.

9. Falcon Gray Sedona Island Package – $6,999

Falcon Gray Sedona Island Package 36-Inch Grill

Priced at a cool $6,999, the Falcon Gray Sedona is Lynx Grills’ most exquisite offering, a high performance grill with a stylish design that has plenty of space for all your cooking needs. This functional grill is loaded with numerous amenities and features, like an infrared burner, a cool granite countertop and built-in side burners for those extra, side dishes. It even comes with a built-in refrigerator.

What else could you possibly ask for? The Falcon Gray Sedona is the island package we’ve all wanted and it could be the perfect addition to anyone’s backyard. With its 36 inches cooking surface you just know you’ll have enough space to host a big barbeque party for all your friends and family.

8. Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series – $7,000

Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series

The Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series has been released a few years ago and since then it’s arguably considered one of the best gas grills on the market. It’s a 42-inch stainless steel unit that uses high temperature ceramic briquettes to distribute heat and burn off grease to help you get that perfectly cooked meat.

At $7,000, it might seem pretty expensive, but this BBQ grill has a solid construction and also comes with a wide range of accessories. It’s an excellent cooking system, but some of you might have a problem with the ceramic briquette barrier that can cause flare-ups if you’re not careful.

7. Bakers Pride Charbroiler – $7,500

Bakers Pride Charbroiler

Have you ever wanted a professional grill that allows you to charbroil at home just like they’re doing it at one of those fancy grill restaurants? The Bakers Pride Charbroiler might be the answer to this, a $7,546 (to be exact) grill that’s equipped with adjustable cast-iron grates, a removable grease pan and a massive broiling area.

You’ll cook everything you want in no time and you won’t need multiple pieces of equipment for all your grilling needs. Bakers Pride is a company that’s renowned for its high quality commercial baking, cooking and broiling equipment, and this charbroiler is one of their best units.

6. Tec Infra-Red Four-Burner Gas Grill – $7,500

Tec Infra-Red Four-Burner Gas Grill Unit

A few years ago, the TEC Infra-red Four-Burner Gas Grill was declared the best new barbeque grill by Hearth & Home Magazine, for good reason. This beauty is packed with many unique features that were highly appreciated by grill enthusiasts: it comes with four gas burners and cutting edge technology that reduces the loss of moisture and shrinkage by up to 30%, when you’re cooking.

TEC Grills also equipped this unit with infrared burners and vibrant glass panels that prevent glare and create a natural smoke flavor for your food from the food drippings. We’re pretty sure the food cooked on Tec’s Infra-Red Four-Burner Grill tastes incredible.

5. Crown Verity Tailgate Grill – $10,700

Crown Verity Tailgate Grill

Grilling on the go? Check out the stunning Crown Verity Tailgate Grill. This $10,700 unit is probably the most expensive portable BBQ, a grill that’s just perfect for people who love tailgating. Crown Verity equipped this thing with everything you could possibly want from a grill: it has not one or two burners, but six individual burners that allow you to cook up to 367 hamburgers per hour. That’s serious griller material!

You can feed up a large crowd with this portable grill and everyone in your tailgate party will be happy, satisfied and will probably rave over your food. The Crown Verity Tailgate Grill comes in different configurations, but the best option features two insulated storage compartments where you can store everything you need to grill.

4. Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon – $12,200

Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon

Renowned for their outdoor grills, Fire Magic’s ultimate BBQ grill comes in the form of the Diamond Series Echelon, an exquisite $12,200 unit with over 1,000 square inches of cooking space and exactly 7 burners under the hood. The Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon is made out of 340 stainless steel and it has a super high quality construction, unlike any other Fire Magic grill.

Diamond Series Echelon also comes with an interesting dual zone rotisserie system, complemented by independent grilling sections. And since it’s all made out of stainless steel, those cast burners are sure to last for a long period.

3. Kalamazoo K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill – $20,000

Kalamazoo K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill

The Kalamazoo K1000 Hybrid Fire Grill might be only no. 3 on our list, but it’s easily the most beautiful grill. This thing is powered by a hybrid fire grilling system, that could use either charcoal or wood to do its job, but it can also burn gas naturally. The $20,000 Kalamazoo grill allows you to cook on a dual burner system, a double side burner and 3 other burners.%

What’s more, this stunning BBQ also features 3 specialized laser-cut grates that are perfect to cook anything you want: meat, vegetables or fish. There’s even a rotisserie system with infrared burners and the motors mounted in the cabinet, ambient control panel lighting, a flip up warming rack and an advanced deep hopper clean out system.

2. Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana – $35,000

Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana

If you want grilling perfection, Cal Flame’s innovative 5-burner grill might be perfect for your BBQ area. Made from 304 stainless steel, this cool grill features five cast stainless steel burners and an exclusive convection system that drives heat perfectly throughout the grilling area. The grill itself is not so expensive, but the Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana takes things to a completely new level.

It’s an outdoor lifestyle solution engineered to excellence, that combines this sleek grill with a fridge, a small bar area, a stereo system and 3 20-inch outdoor TVs. Yes, three TVs. The Super Sports Cabana might be all you need to impress your friends or neighbors, as you enjoy the savor of a perfectly cooked grill while you’re watching some movies or games.

1. Beefeater Gold-Plated Barbeque Grill – $164,000

Beefeater Gold-Plated Barbeque Grill

Last but not least, we’ve got something extra special from BeefEater Barbecues. Based in Australia, this BBQ maker decided to cover one of their impressive Series 7 Burner grills in 24-carat gold to create the “ultimate backyard status symbol”. Yes, that’s real gold. Everything except the grilling surface is covered in 24-carat gold, from the warming rack to the nuts and bolts that hold the whole thing together.

The company estimated this fully-working gold-plated griller costs $164,000, but the actual sale price might differ since it depends a lot on the actual price of gold. And if you think this unique grill could melt while you’re cooking your favorite treats, you should know that gold melts at around 2,000 degrees F and most grills max out at 700. So you’re safe, but you’ll have to “burn” a lot of money for it.




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    It has been a great pleasure to read amazing information about most expensive BBQ Grills from your blog. I am planning to buy Bull Little Q Grill Island which also suites with my budget.

    Many thanks!


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