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8 Luxury Activities to Try in the UK

If money is not an obstacle and you’d like to try the best of what life can offer, the UK is the place to be. From world-class architecture and all the way to mesmerizing landscapes, it is bound to give you the thrill you’ve been craving for. So without any further ado, here are 8 luxury activities to partake in if your journeys have taken you there:

Go shopping at Harrods


For those looking to indulge in a shopping spree in London, Harrods is the premier shopping destination to experience. Its massive 7 floors of premium goods will spoil you while you’re desperately trying to resist the temptation to leave your wallet in your pocket. You can even hire a personal shopper to go with you.

Embark on a private whisky tour

whisky tour

While no one is holding you back from visiting the distilleries on your own if you so prefer, why not go on a private tour with your own guide and a chauffeur? The local guides are quite knowledgeable and thus worthy every penny spent.

Play Millionaire’s golf

Millionaire’s golf

This is not just any kind of golf; it’s Millionaire’s golf. Every step of the way, there will be eye-watering sea sights to accompany you. Not only does the golf course stretch itself across every single corner of the peninsula, it even reaches out into the embrace of the sea itself.

Experience the thrill of a brick & mortar casino

The Ritz Club

After getting your feet wet by playing a few hands at an online casino, you’re now ready to play with the big boys. UK casinos are well-known for their competitive poker crowd that keeps coming back for more by participating in one of the many poker tournaments hosted there. Their vicinity offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment, including bars, restaurants, and a cinema.

Book a champagne balloon flight

champagne balloon ride

What’s more romantic than floating around the beautiful countryside in a balloon, sipping champagne? The Wye Valley is known for its gorgeous rivers and you can treat yourself to a nice view from above. As long as the weather is nice that day, booking a champagne balloon flight is a must.

Feast your eyes in London skies

London skyline

Take a helicopter ride over the skies of London and you’ll see the glorious landscape from a bird’s eye view. The famous landmarks such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the Houses of Parliament take on a whole other dimension when gazing at them from the skies above.

Indulge in a Turkish spa

Harrogate baths

If the local spa center tends to leave you hanging, how about visiting the spa town of Harrogate, the home of 88 natural springs? Its architectural design makes it much more than just a spa facility. Don’t miss the chance of seeing the Royal Baths in person, as it makes for a glorious sight.

Rent a yacht

sailboat sailing yacht Elan 45

What a way to treat your friends and loved ones to a luxurious adventure they’ll carry in their hearts forever. By renting a private yacht, you’ll have the beast all to yourself, taking in the lovely scenery on your own terms.


The UK does not fail to deliver when it comes to the sheer amount of possibilities that present themselves to those who don’t mind splurging just a little bit. In the end of the day, who can put a price on memories?


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