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Treccani Milano’s custom golf leather bags and purses

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The specialists behind the luxury brand Treccani Milano have been showing off their skills for quite some time now. Be it through leather boots and shoes, custom designed and developed to fit their owners, the brand, based in both Milan and Toronto, is revolving its expertise around a central principle, Italian luxury. They have even headed towards the manufacture of custom luxury golf leather bags, as you can see in the following minutes.

By using alligator, calf or ostrich leather, they are conferring exclusivity to their products from the minute they craft them, by hand, over 3 months of exhaustingly intricate work. In addition, Treccani Milano also embellishes its works with exquisite platinum and 18-carat gold detailing.

The black alligator leather golf bag, for example, will be reportedly delivered with a complimentary travel case sharing the same color and detailing of the golf bag. Furthermore, for no extra charge, the Italian greyhound logo can be done in solid bronze and monograms can also be added. The Italian greyhound logo, though, can also be done in 18-carat gold or solid silver, but that will add to the price. The model costs a whopping $38,000.

This series also comprises some of the most expensive golf bags in the world, and, depending on the type of leather you’d choose, the prices range between $9,500 and $38,000. The orange golf bag retails at $9,500, while the ostrich leather one can be purchased at $18,000. Availability wise, they can currently be acquired from the Treccani Milano showroom in Yorkville, Toronto, or via the brand’s e-boutique.

In addition, Treccani Milano have also come up with a series of leather purses, manufactured by hand in Italy. They were designed by Nicole Branicky, the co-founder and Creative Director of Treccani Milano. They feature gorgeous proportions, full functionality and are made for all sorts of purposes, in pretty main sizes – shoulder bags, handbags or tote bags. They are manufactured at the brand’s Milan Bottega, from all sorts of leathers, like alligator, baby calf or ostrich. The leathers can also be mixed with canvases, for even better looks. Furthermore, they are all embellished with the Italian greyhound, the brand’s trademark, in solid bronze, customizable with monogrammed initials.

And if you wonder how far can they go, you’re on the verge of finding out – they are providing a unique service to customers – they allow them to customize their bags according to tastes or to assort them to the house’s collection of shoes. These services cost between $1,650 and $18,000.


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