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Treat Yourselves to a Visit to Ireland’s Powerscourt Hotel

By Victor Baker


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Powerscourt Hotel

With a spectacular mix of mountains, pine forests, waterfalls, lakes and wilderness, County Wicklow is also known as the ‘Garden of Ireland‘, for good reason. This magical place is just waiting to be discovered and right at its heart you will find the gorgeous Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa, an enchanting Irish escape with a regal architecture, that’s complemented by the landscaped woods of Powerscourt Estate.

This charming high-end hotel dates back to the 13th century and even though it’s not as aristocratic as the original Powerscourt House, it offers new standards of decadence. The rooms are beautifully decorated, to say the least, while floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces make sure you get a good view of the hotel’s breathtaking surroundings.

Powerscourt Hotel

Guests at the Powerscourt hotel may explore the outdoor playground as soon as they get here, with two championship golf courses helping everyone relax and forget about all their worries. Then, the hotel’s signature restaurant will allow people to experience an unforgettable menu, with stunning panoramas of the Wicklow Mountains in the background.

Once the sun sets, the hotel’s Sugar Loaf Lounge and its Georgian decors becomes the ideal place to unwind. If all else fails, the spacious and very welcoming ESPA Spa will get you completely relaxed thanks to its 20 treatment rooms, a gorgeous swimming pool, a hammam and a very dedicated staff.

Powerscourt Hotel

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