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The Transformers Tourbillon Collection by Memorigin

By Brody Patterson


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A Transformers-themed Chinese watch might sound like something you would get your child or a teenage boy as a cool, not-too-expensive present. Amazingly, there’s a Hong Kong-based company which manufactures some pretty expensive timepieces based on comic books and, as we are about to show you, a very popular toy line which now has its very own blockbuster franchise.

The company we are talking about is called Memorigin and has already released Batman and Superman-inspired watches and has recently unveiled a couple of tourbillion-equipped timepieces featuring Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on the dial.

The watches are available in 43mm steel cases which are either polished (for the Optimus Prime model) or coated in black (for the Bumblebee model). The main dial face is laser cut and shaped in the likeness of the Transformer characters each piece is named after. There are also natural blue sapphires and yellow diamonds used for the eyes and for some of the hour markers.

At the heart of these watches lie Chinese-made caliber HB 0626 manually-wound mechanical movements with a 40 hour power reserve running at 4Hz. The movements offer the time and also feature 60 second tourbillons.

It isn’t looking like Memorigin will be able to compete with the European high-end brands any time soon, but it’s unlikely the company is planning such a development. But if you’re a Transformers fan and you have $5,500 lying around, you might just consider giving this Chinese brand a try. You’ll also be one of the few in the world to have such a watch on your wrist, as only 50 pieces for each model will be produced my Memorigin.


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