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Transform Your Bathroom Into A Luxurious Oasis with Maison Valentina

By Victor Baker


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Maison Valentina

In case you’ve ever wanted to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you’ve probably noticed the possibilities are pretty limited right now. That’s exactly why Maison Valentina has imagined a new collection of beautifully designed pieces, meant to add more glamour even to the most exquisite bathrooms of all time.

There’s nothing like the mesmerizing mix of gold with charming black and white finishes and the Maison Valentina Newton collection is focused on exactly that exquisite look, defying all trends, design ideas and opinions with a couple of futuristic pieces of furniture that are totally worth your attention.

Maison Valentina

The company has also launched a collection called Symphony, which is all about golden polished brass tubes enveloped in an exotic structure. These handcrafted pieces, made from the finest of materials with incredible elegance, will simply leave anyone breathless.

The design of Maison Valentina’s furniture pieces is subtle and seductive, with mahogany and high gloss black lacquer finishing leaving a luxurious taste, just like a good wine would. There’s also a white and silver combination, with the Lapiaz set, which might jut be the ideal way of making someone smile this holiday season.

Everyone appreciates a fine and well-designed bathroom, but this collection seems to take things to a completely different level of luxury and I’m sure we all like it, right?

Maison Valentina

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