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James Bond Appreciates Dar Bianca, a lovely Moroccan Villa

By Victor Baker


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Dar Bianca

The luxurious villa you see before you proves us once again that villains enjoy the finer things in life. Located near Marrakesh, this villa belonged to one of James Bond’s most sophisticated enemies in the latest movie, Spectre.

But, when the movie was all over and done, future Bond villains had to find a new residence, as this one is up for sale. Talented architect Imad Rhamouni is the man behind the jaw dropping concept, which was dubbed as Villa Dar Bianca.

Dar Bianca

Built from concrete, metal and glass, the Dar Bianca residence shows off two levels, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and gym. Furthermore, the property also includes two gorgeous swimming pools surrounded by palm trees.

Dar Bianca’s tall glass walls make it difficult to hide from stealthy spies or strange people, but that doesn’t stop it from being extremely beautiful. The amount of natural light this house welcomes is incredible and you are welcomed to stay here as well – once you pay $4.3 million for this exquisite property.

Dar Bianca

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