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TORQ Roadster by Epic EV

By Brian Pho


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Here’s a quick introduction to the Roadster TORQ, a car developed by the US electric vehicles brand Epic EV. What we have here, though, is supposedly the fastest 3-wheeled vehicle in the world today.

The electric motor that powers this weirdly-shaped vehicle is able to generate as many as 812 Nm of torque, enabling it to accelerate to 60 mph in just 4 seconds! It was developed in close collaboration with Eleven Design, therefore it has been fitted with Formula 1-like top notch suspension system manufactured by Palatov Motorsports. Flux Power and Magnum Offroad have reported supplied the extremely lightweight battery system and chassis.

Chris Anthony, the founder of Epic EV, describes: “In search of a more economic vehicle, we often wished for a model that distinguished aggressive styling, and that would be worthy of the racetrack. TORQ’s perfect balance of power, drivability and aggressive looks create its own class.” This vehicle further proves that performance doesn’t have to be seen as a compromise in order to save energy and increase efficiency.

Only 50 units of this weirdly cool vehicle will be produced during 2013. The TORQ Roadster will have its official debut on the 6th of April, with a price tag of $65,000. To be able to order one, you’d have to make a pre-deposit of five grand and to acknowledge the waiting list which spans to 2014. Too bad it’s not much of a good looker!


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