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Toro Canyon House Is One Gem You Cannot Refuse

By Victor Baker


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Toro Canyon House

Montecito, Santa Barbara, is a good a place as any to search for the perfect home. Here, the ocean, mountains and architects work together to offer inhabitants stunning, multi-million dollar experiences and the best life has to offer. Beautifully-designed homes, with spectacular views and luxurious amenities are definitely a good way to experience life here, and we have an awesome example for you today.

Designed by Barbara Bestor in 2012, the stunning Toro Canyon House offers 4,780 square feet of living space, with four gorgeous bedrooms and bathrooms, plus many other incredible features. Once inside, anyone will appreciate the floor-to-ceiling windows, which flood the house with natural light and allow guests to sip in those amazing views.

The house is also filled with state of the art equipment, with the kitchen boasting European-styled cabinetry, an island that seats four as well a modern range, two sinks and two ovens. As an open-concept area, this place also turns into the dining room, where 12 guests may socialize and enjoy the fireplace in the background.

Toro Canyon House

Eating outside is always an option, and a pleasant one at that. Two lovely outdoor seating areas await your presence, beyond the dining room and kitchen. As for the living room, it offers more than satisfactory accommodations, with natural light and a serene wide view of the mountains.

The master bedroom brags about an extraordinary en-suite spa, complete with a Japanese-style soaking tub and steam shower. The property also allows owners to enjoy a powder room and yoga room, with a private garden, and a guest house with two bedrooms, that’s beautifully decorated as well.

The fantastic outdoor space is one of the key selling points of this property, making the main house itself seem pale, by comparison. However, this is all about a package deal, rather than a contest between man made wonders and nature. As such, you should know that the Toro Canyon House is up for grabs for $8.5 million.

Toro Canyon House

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