Top 10 Most Stunning Watches Unveiled in 2015

The world’s most prestigious watchmakers have delighted us this year with all kinds of exquisite and bold creations. And whether we were impressed by these technical masterpieces or left breathless by their unique designs, the 10 stunning watches featured on this list are truly works of art.

We all have different tastes, so don’t hold it against us if we haven’t included your favorite watch in this list. But we’re sure that at least one of the watches featured here will make you dream about how it would look like around your wrist. Let’s start the countdown with…

10. MB&F HM6 RT Red Gold Watch

A couple of months ago, MB&F has decided to release a new, dreamy version of the HM6 watch, dubbed as the MB&F HM6 RT. This particularly interesting piece replaces the original titanium case with one in 18k red gold, featuring palladium to stabilize the copper, which leads to a unique mix that’s called 5N+.

The MB&F HM6 comes with 10 sapphire crystals embedded all over the case and a unique “biomorphic” look, turning this watch into futuristic creation that can easily be described as ahead of its time. The red gold timepiece also includes a flying tourbillon, a titanium shield, as well as a “turbine regulated” automatic winding system.

The MB&F HM6 RT will surely help you stand out, especially if you consider its limited availability and staggering price.

9. A. Lange & Söhne Limited Edition 1815 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst

The well-known watchmaker has recently unveiled the beautiful A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst, a limited edition timepiece that’s been inspired by fine artmanship. Only 30 such jewels will be available for purchase, and we’re sure the $181,000 price-tag won’t scare people off.

“Handwerkskunst” is actually the German word for “artisanship” and this watch is definitely a fine example of that. With an exquisite engraving onto its dial, the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst version runs on the L102.1 manual wind movement, which comes with a 72 hours power reserve, as well as 21 jewels and 5 gold chatons.

At 39.5 mm wide and 11.1 mm thick, the watch is quite large, yet discreet and elegant.

8. Bulgari Tourbillon Saphir Ultranero

Limited to only 30 pieces, the Bulgari Tourbillon Saphir Ultranero gives new meaning to shedding light on the tourbillon. What Bulgari calls “Transparent Black Sapphire Magic” makes this watch shine bright even in the dark.

This unique look comes from Super-LumiNova, a highly luminescent substance that’s inserted into the central part of the case. The vivid green color is even more striking against a backdrop that consists solely of deep black and transparency.

The Saphir Ultranero also comes with a DLC – Diamond Like Carbon – coated titanium case, complemented by screws holding the structure and sapphire crystal that’s secured on the outer face of the case.

7. Serpenti Luxury Watch by Bulgari

Another beautiful addition to Bulgari’s collection is the new Serpenti Luxury Watch. Fully handcrafted and featuring a twin-pusher clasp, which allows the wearer to fasten the snake’s head, this exquisite watch is available in two versions: pink gold with a black lacquered dial or white gold entirely paved with diamonds.

The pink gold version comes with a black lacquer dial featuring 33 tiny diamonds, a 26 mm pink gold case complete with 6 diamonds and the 18-carat pink gold strap adorned by 96 diamonds. The white gold version, on the other hand, boasts a glittering dial snow-set with 144 diamonds and an entirely paved white gold case, as well as a bracelet set with a further 174 diamonds. What’s not to love?

6. Devon Star Wars Limited Edition

The release of a special Star Wars-inspired watch is a welcomed bonus, coming from the brilliant Devon Works. The “Star Wars by Devon” luxury timepiece is a redesigned version of the Devon Tread 1 watch, entirely based on Darth Vader.

A Star Wars-themed watch could look cheap, but this one doesn’t, as it makes use of high-grade aviation materials. And despite the Tie Fighter bits and the Control Panel elements, this timepiece is sleek, elegant and absolutely amazing.

With the case flanks based on the wings of a Tie Fighter, the main screws that connect the case to the lugs inspired by turbine intakes, while the belt system utilizes four motor covers in red and green to mimic the switches on Darth Vader’s center console, this watch is truly a powerful force.

5. Pininfarina Luxury Wearables Collection

Smart watches and wearables have taken over the world in 2016, which is why there a lot of new companies, like Christophe & Co, that have started to develop hi-tech jewelry. The British luxury brand introduced the Armill collection of ‘smart bracelets’ this year, but not before considering collaborating with a well-known brand in the luxury industry: Pininfarina.

The Italian company used its expertise in automotive design to add their unique touch to these classy bracelets. That’s how we got to see these delicately decorated, diamond-studded, Alcantara-clad, gold items of jewelry with technological capabilities, with the Pinifarina name attached to them. Have we said enough?

4. MB&F’s Melchior 

Melchior is a unique robot table-clock, meant to celebrate MB&F’s 10th anniversary. This is the robot buddy we all dreamed about as children, featuring jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds and a 40-day power reserve.

Imagined by MB&F and crafted by L’Epée 1839 Switzerland’s only specialized high-end clock manufacture, the MB&F Melchior comes with a palladium-plated brass, stainless steel, red anodized aluminum and polished glass case.

The twin discs part of Melchior’s breast plate display hours and minutes, both featuring MB&F’s signature numerals. Flyback discs mark 20-second intervals behind a steel mask, while a dial on the abdomen provides info on the robot’s remaining energy. Also worth mentioning is that the left forearm is a detachable winding key. It’s definitely a mind-blowing creation!

3. Arachnophobia Table Clock By MB&F

MB&F and their unique products are always surprising us and that’s a good thing, right? The brand has designed a massive, time-telling spider, this year called the MB&F Arachnophobia table clock. Inspired by an enormous sculpture, Maman by Louise Bourgeois, the MB&F Arachnophobia is obviously smaller but equally scary.

The 405 mm MB&F Arachnophobia makes entering a dark room, with the creepy ticking sound of the movement echoing inside, quite an experience. Featuring an impressive 8-day power reserve, the exquisite MB&F timepiece comes either in black or in a gold-plated version.

Extending from the base of the spider’s abdomen are eight articulating legs, enabling the arachnid to stand proudly on your desk, windowsill, or sideboard. Creepy, yet cool!

2. Breguet B Crazy Haute Joaillerie

Breguet surprised us all once again this yea by unveiling a new gorgeous piece of high jewelry combined with high horology. Called “B” Crazy Haute Joaillerie, this extravagant fashion accessory was specially designed for the ladies, a diamond embellished timepiece decked with over 1,000 iridescent baguette-cut diamonds.

The B Crazy watch is sitting in an 18 carat white gold case, with the dial featuring a radial paving with 133 baguette-cut diamonds and chic open-tipped blue steel hour and minute hands.

Even the bracelet has been embellished with diamonds – the 18 carat paved white gold bracelet being adorned with around 200 baguette-cut diamonds that turn this timepiece into a mind blowing sight.

1. HYT Skull Maori Watch

The HYT Skull Maori was another gorgeous timepiece introduced this year, featuring traditional decorative techniques and a jaw dropping design. If the skull looks familiar to you it’s because it’s the same one featured on previous models in the HYT Skull collection, although this particular skull has been brought to life by intricate engraving in Maori style.

The list of features includes sand from an exclusive beach in the composition of a bezel, a wind-up generator that allows the mechanical piece to benefit from electricity as well as an exquisite case made out of cigar leaves and Polyepoxide.

The HYT Skull Maori features a design that’s been obviously inspired by the ancient culture, with an enormous golden skull dominating the face and featuring a special engraving that gives the watch a unique personality. The same Maori-inspired design is continued on the strap of this watch, beautifully complementing its dial. Wonderful!

Honorable Mention. Lumisidus Watch Winder

Not a watch, per-say, but this amazing Watch Winter had to be on this list. The German company Lumisidus is responsible for this amazing project, which features an impressive design and more high tech materials you’d ever imagine. Solid carbon rings and the Lumisidus metal gear “Swiss Made” motor make this technological wonder.

The Lumisidus Watch Winder features 24k gold plating and it’s able to keep 11 automatic watches wound up and ready for use, displayed behind a crystal glass and illuminated by individual LED lights. Owners may choose any color they like for the LED Smoky Crystal Quartz pedestal and they’ll also be able to control its colors from the special Lumisidus Watch Winder app. All you need know is a marvelous watch collection.