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MB&F’s Melchior Will Take Over Your Time

By Victor Baker


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Melchior is a unique robot table-clock, meant to celebrate MB&F’s 10th anniversary. This is the robot buddy we all dreamed about as children but Melchior is much more than a toy, as this masterpiece is also an incredible high-end table clock, featuring jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds and a 40-day power reserve.

Imagined by MB&F and crafted by L’Epée 1839 Switzerland’s only specialized high-end clock manufacture, the MB&F Melchior comes with a palladium-plated brass, stainless steel, red anodized aluminum and polished glass case.

It weighs only 6.3 kg, while the movement inside is an in-house l’Epée mechanical caliber, with 50 jewels and five barrels.


The twin discs part of Melchior’s breast plate display hours and minutes, both featuring MB&F’s signature numerals. Flyback discs mark 20-second intervals behind a steel mask, while a dial on the abdomen provides info on the robot’s remaining energy  – a total of 40 days power reserve is available. Also worth mentioning is that the left forearm is a detachable winding key.

Maximilian Büsser developed this unique table clock concept, together with designer Xin Wang. A wonderful combination of fixed vents and revolving discs will give you the impression that Melchior is blinking his eyes, while further animation is provided by the regulator, as its gentle beating was made visible by using a polished glass dome cover. Does this seem familiar to you in any way? It’s definitely a mind-blowing creation!



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