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Three New Unique Masterpieces from Grieb & Benzinger

By Adrian Prisca


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Have you ever wondered which are the heaviest platinum watches in the world? You’ll get your answer right now. Valued at more than $1.5 million dollars, this set contains the three most complicated and heaviest platinum watches ever produced. Manufactured by watchmakers Grieb & Benzinger, their unveiling was assisted by representatives of the Revolution Magazine and Rolls-Royce Motorcars.

The presentation has taken place during a private ceremony in Singapore. Suggestively named the Blue Sensation, Blue Danube and Blue Whirlwind, their cases are made of pure platinum, while their movements originate 120 years ago, signed Patek Philippe. Some features that differentiate this series are the traditional Grieb & Benzinger Breguet frost finishing, the current signature of the product, hand crafting and skeletonization and refined guilloche, associating the incredible ultra-detailed sterling silver surface.

Attending to each watch, we’re starting with the Blue Danube. The value of this timepiece is set somewhere around $450,000, while the movement keeps the 120 year old tradition which had its 400 microscopic parts reworked. The movement system had taken most of the time spent on crafting this piece.

The next we’ll particularly present is the Blue Whirlwind. It features the Caliber R TO 27 PS movement, a record owner for prices among auction houses. There is information that one movement signed Patek Phillipe was sold for more than $1.4 million, contradicting its stainless steel nature. This piece costs around $850,000.

The final in our list is the Blue Sensation, the only skeletonized split-seconds chronograph on market. This timepiece is the least expensive of the series although it features an incredibly old – crafted in 1890 – movement which had to be overhauled to fit the case. The circular dial measures 49 mm in width, while the whole watch weighs around 230 grams. Its price – $260,000.

Whether you’re a wealthy spender or just a gift enthusiast, these pieces could mean big in terms of collections, but also as gifts for the dearest of friends. They’re quite some timekeeping bombs.


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