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This Reggio Emilia Villa Sits Amidst A Beautiful Private Park

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Reggio Emilia Villa

Located near the charming Italian town of Reggio Emilia, this stunning villa needs no describing – but we’ll try our best to state the obvious. Sitting atop 22,500 square meters / 242,188 square feet of land, this extraordinary mansion comes with 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a total of 700 square meters (7,535 square feet) of luxurious living space.

But the prestigious historical villa before you has far more to offer than that, especially once you consider the private park which complements its beauty. As you expect, such exclusivity will not come cheap, and you’ll have to pay exactly €1,750,000 to call this property home, but we’re sure it’s worth every single dime, just by looking at these photos.

Reggio Emilia Villa

Found within the overwhelming Italian countryside, and just a few minutes away from the cities of Reggio Emilia and even Parma, this wonderful villa has been completely renovated a while ago, using nothing but high quality materials and the utmost attention to detail.

The mansion actually includes three different units, developed on three levels, with frescoed halls, large marble fireplaces and a tavern with terracotta bricks and barrel vaults, dating from the mid 800s. It sounds better by the second, right?

Previously used as a workshop for the high fashion industry, this gorgeous villa also offers a large terrace, overlooking the entire property, and the aforementioned manicured private park.

Reggio Emilia Villa


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