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Wrist Magic – The TACS Automatic Vintage Lens Watch

By Victor Baker


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TACS Automatic Vintage Lens

Inspired by vintage cameras and lenses, the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens is probably the world’s most interesting new timepiece. TACS actually stands for Taste, Attractiveness, Creativity and Style, and this watch definitely has all those attributes, combined in an eye catching package.

Designed by Yoshiaki Motegi, this watch is probably the perfect timepiece for adventurous photographers, blending the best of both worlds, with a sturdy design that just oozes sophistication and a certain Japanese vibe. The dial has been specifically imagined to mimic the look of an actual camera lens, with a double sapphire glass that also creates a gorgeous fish eye effect.

In terms of mechanics, the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens is powered by a Miyota 82S0 movement and complemented by leather straps manufactured by Horween, fitting the lifestyle of any rough adventurer.

TACS Automatic Vintage Lens

Showing off a 47 mm gold plated stainless steel case, with a leather cap resembling old school camera gear covering it, the TACS Automatic Vintage Lens certainly has a unique feel to it. Even the bezel is something else, inspired by the focus ring, and the openworked dial will give you a small glimpse of the complex inner works of this timepiece.

Furthermore, this super cool watch lacks markers and indices, but instead it uses numbers that resemble the aperture and focal lengths of a camera. By the way, the 40 hours worth of power reserve might come in handy, but let’s just not leave this watch that unappreciated, shall we?

Feel free to find out more and get your very own once you visit Kickstarter. Starting off at $429, this watch seems like the perfect Christmas gift to yourself.

TACS Automatic Vintage Lens

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