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This Palatial Estate in Caesarea, Israel, Could be Yours for $24M

By Victor Baker


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Palatial Estate in Caesarea

We’re sure most of you haven’t heard of the charming little town of Caesarea, Israel, yet, a historic seaside town built over 2,000 years ago by King Herod and dedicated to the great Caesar Augustus, where you could also find this spectacular property. Listed for sale at a mind boggling $24 million, the magnificent estate in front of you offers 17,438 square feet of sophisticated living areas, perfectly outfitted for enjoyment and pleasure, with each floor of this exquisite mansion designed to offer the most pampering experience ever.

This palatial Caesarea Estate includes a grand living room that will surely take your breath away, 10 spacious bedrooms, a fully equipped Viking kitchen plus a 25-person formal dining room, a study for formal meetings, as well as a modern gym with various appliances. There’s also a 12-person heated Jacuzzi and a climate controlled wine cellar that will prove to be a fine way of keeping your guests entertained, while the special poker and cigar room will complete this amazing package.

Palatial Estate in Caesarea

Future owners of this luxurious retreat will also benefit from a 120 square-meter (1,291 sq. ft) master bedroom, complete with 2 closets, 2 separate bathrooms, a private sauna, and a 42″ Panasonic TV, a Pioneer Receiver, DVD plus 5.1 Surround System JB and many other goodies. This stunning mansion also brags about fine finishes such as gold leaf inlay ceilings and moldings, artistic commissioned chandeliers, bespoke lighting fixtures, an indoor elevator, marble countertops and under floor heating.

Outside, swimming in the heated pool, surrounded by a beautiful orchard and a lovely spice garden, will easily make anyone’s evening a lot better. And if you’re feeling a bit hungry, the Viking outdoor kitchen hill help out with that, while breathtaking panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea make it obvious that life is worth living. Live like Caesar in.. Caesarea!

Palatial Estate in Caesarea


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