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This Mesmerizing Laglio Villa Glances Over Lake Como

By Victor Baker


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Laglio Villa

If you’ve ever been to Lake Como, we’re pretty sure you’ve thought about moving there for good. Here’s your chance: a spectacular lakefront trophy estate from Laglio has been recently listed for sale, and even though its price-tag wasn’t disclosed yet, we’re pretty sure every single one of us would dream about calling this magical property home.

Glancing over the beautiful Lake Como, the 2,500-square-meter (26,909 sq. ft.) Laglio Villa boasts 7 bedrooms, 17 full baths, and several partial baths as well. This one-of-a-kind lakefront estate was completed back in 1900, and it’s complemented by a blissful garden, covering 3,300 square meters, as well as a generous 75 sqm outdoor pool, several terraces, and many other bespoke amenities.


Laglio Villa

It’s one of those properties that could easily take your breath away and if you add those magical lake views we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to leave this place at all. Your guests will have the privilege to stay in a luxurious 100-square-meter guest apartment, while the spacious garage, a 2,000-bottle wine cellar and several entertainment areas are also part of this alluring package.

The lucky owners of this property will also get to enjoy a playroom, a billiard room, a lovely home cinema and also a spa and fitness area, with a small indoor pool, where staying in shape will get a new meaning. If all else fails, a boat ride on Lake Como should make your day even better. Any takers?

Laglio Villa


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