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Travel the World with the new Dassault Falcon 6X Jet

By Victor Baker


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Dassault Falcon 6X

The sought-after Dassault Falcon 5X business jet has an official successor right now, the Falcon 6X, which promises a bigger range and even more cabin space, among many other updates. Set to make its first flight in early 2021, Dassault’s new creation will fly at incredible speeds of up to Mach 0.90 and travel up to 6,300 miles on a single tank.

That’s enough to go from London to Hong Kong or from Los Angeles to Beijing on a single flight. The 6X is powered by the new PW812D PurePower engine, paired with new technologies that deliver improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. With low noise and low vibration levels, this engine delivers a comfortable passenger experience. Flying has never looked better.

Dassault Falcon 6X

Customers will be able to enjoy a massive 40-foot cabin, with 6.5 feet worth of headroom and 7 feet wide. The jet will cruise at up to 41,100 feet, while a state-of-the-art air circulation system provides the cabin with fresh air really often. The Dassault Falcon 6X comes with twenty-eight windows, as well as a skylight, offering natural light and serene panoramic views.

This kind of pleasure and exclusivity is usually reserved for the rich and famous, since only a select few could afford to pay $47 million for this stunning jet, although we could all be invited for a ride. What do you think about Dassault’s newest jet?

Dassault Falcon 6X

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