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This Luxury Penthouse from Kazakhstan will take your breath away

By Victor Baker


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Berlin-based studio Coordination has designed a new, breathtaking penthouse in the heart of Almaty in Kazakhstan. Nestled on the 30th floor of the highest and most prominent building of the city, the Esentai Tower has been designed as a place for sensory and intellectual stimulation, as well as a refuge for relaxation.

It is a great place for leisure, weekend breaks or short stays. From the looks of things, you don’t necessarily need a reason to enjoy its accommodations. Although it was initially intended to be a three-bedroom apartment, the layout was then turned into a luxurious one-bedroom loft-style space.

The main part of this project was the perfect spatial planning, interior architecture and engineering. The design and selection of all surfaces, lighting, interior components, kitchen cabinets, furniture, accessories and works of art was carefully take into consideration, as you can easily see. The floor plan is now L-shaped, and spatial hierarchy is clearly divided between public and private space.

The magnificent panoramic view of the city and surrounding mountains is to die for, and might distract you from some parts of the penthouse emphasized by sloping and shifting to create physical sensations uncommon in your everyday home.

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