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This Charming English Country Manor is up for Sale at £26M

By Victor Baker


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Have you been wondering for a while now about what level of luxury and exclusivity suits you? Well, as you continue to ponder the predicament, allow us to make an incredible suggestion. Benham, a historic mansion in Berkshire, England, that can be dated way back to the year 956 is nowadays asking a very modern price of £26 million or around $33.5 million in US dollars.

Found about 60 miles away from London, on the lovely Berkshire Downs, a conversation area of outstanding natural beauty, this unique home covers 27,620 square feet of mesmerizing living spaces, while sitting on a stunning 130-acre park, created by 18th-century royal landscape designer. Benham is listed as a historic Grade II* residence and it was first documented in the 9th century, when it was granted to a Saxon Warlord by King Eadwig.


The current house might not be 1,000 years old, but it was still designed and built almost 250 years ago, between 1772 and 1775 by Henry Holland, and it was beautifully preserved to this day. Its magical interiors still feature some of the original details, such as carved bath stone, a Portland stone cantilevered staircase, and an impressive wine cellar that cools by a process of evaporation.

Restoring the mansion is always an option, with a wellness center comprising a spa, 100 guest rooms, and fine dining already in the works. Cascading terraced gardens, a 10-acre lake, and two additional properties are also part of this exquisite package, but you will need some serious cash to enjoy it. Are you ready to move to the British countryside?



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