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This $35M Ruby Necklace Will Blow Your Mind

By Victor Baker


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Grand Phoenix

The Grand Phoenix necklace is the ultimate example of what a lifetime of experience and creativity could result in – a true masterpiece. The world’s largest Barnese Ruby company, Faidee, has imagined this outrageous necklace, consisting of 24 exceptional Pigeon’s Blood Rubies, with a total of 59.83 karats, mixed with 100.21 karats worth of fancy diamonds of D color grade and FL and IF clarity grade.

These pictures will probably speak volumes, and they should considering the staggeringly high asking price. The incredible unheated Burmese ruby necklace before you was actually unveiled at the 2017 Watch and Jewelry Fair in Basel and it’s set to make one very lucky lady as happy as humanly possible.

Grand Phoenix

The Grand Phoenix is an overwhelming collection of flawless rubies spanning over four generations – that’s why this necklace is such a rare treat, as finding them implied tremendous effort and dedication. The jewelry industry might never be the same after this launch, and Faidee is also set to take part in the first ever exclusive Burmese ruby exhibition in history.

I think it’s safe to assume only the largest and most valuable pieces will be on display there, this necklace included. The prestigious Hotel Hermitage in Monaco and its marvelous Salon Belle Epoque will be the home of this amazing event, set to take part between August 1st and August 21st, 2017.

Grand Phoenix

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