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These Savoir Beds Give a New Meaning to a Good Night’s Sleep

By Victor Baker


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Savoir Beds

Savoir is widely regarded as the world’s most luxurious sleeping system, originally designed for The Savoy Hotel in London, back in 1905. Sir Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini and Marilyn Monroe are just a few of the famous names who enjoyed Savoir beds, a testament to the unique legacy and luxurious sleeping experience which awaits anyone who buys one of these bespoke beds.

Savoir’s $175,000 Royal Bed is one of the brand’s most sought after designs right now, that’s why we were really happy to find out the company has launched three new designs. With these new Savoir beds, the heritage brand offers a superb range of new silhouettes and styles, ready to fit all tastes and preferences. Let’s take them one by one..

First, the AMELIA 01 (pictured above) features a wonderful Rose Quartz finish, one of the colors of the year 2016 according to Pantone, and comes upholstered in ‘Divina’ by Kvadrat. With beautiful curves and a smooth silhouette, and supported by brass, angled legs and a slim box spring, this bed comes with a £14,315 ($17,528) price-tag.

Savoir Beds

Moving on, the LV by LV Yongzhong is inspired by traditional Chinese culture and evokes monumental power, with the Chinese ‘LuoHan’ couch, the seat for dignitaries and masters, being the main source of inspiration. This lovely bed features a Santos rosewood bed frame and unusual solid handcrafted brass feet, with a ‘Balder’ wool mix by Kvadrat upholstery, that adds up to the £85,225 ($104,353) price-tag.

Last, but not least important, the STATE 02 bed was designed in-house by the most skilled artisans from Savoir Beds, boasting soft dove grey coloring and a charming walnut trim. Please note that the STATE 02 bed can be can be recreated exclusively by Savoir Beds, for £70,000 ($85,711), if you plan to bring this beauty into your bedroom.

Savoir Beds

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