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These Handmade JP Wedges From Titleist Are An Exclusive Treat

Titleist JP Wedges

The Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California, aims to provide anyone the ultimate golfing experience: a pristine golfing facility with grass so green that you almost can’t believe it, plus an endless supply of ProV1 balls and shiny Titleist clubs at your disposal.

James Patrick Harrington, one of the best wedge makers in the business, has recently moved on location, working closely with customers from all over the world to create the perfect wedges for them.

That’s why Titleist has recently launched the JP Wedges line of custom clubs, each of them created personally by Harrington and coming with a one-on-one fitting session at the Titleist Performance Institute. Boasting a softer appearance thanks to their unique curvature, these bespoke wedges will offer a smooth glide and prevent digging. Advanced golf players will certainly appreciate them.

Titleist JP Wedges

Each wedge is handmade by Harrington, following a 3-hour fitting process that makes use of high-speed cameras and radar for sophisticated and precise shape calculations. A resulting demo club is then put through its paces to allow the customer to get a feel of what’s to come. Once the final adjustments are made, the build shop goes to work.

JP Wedges come in every degree from 45 to 60 and will be made from some of the best materials available – premium 1025 carbon steel, with tungsten weighting and an overall wonderful look. The final piece, a lightweight titanium back plate, is perfect for a fine-tune to get the ideal center of gravity.

A fitting session and three wedges will run you $2,000, with specialized custom engravings and designs adding to the costs.

Titleist JP Wedges


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