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The BMW Active Hybrid e-Bicycle is the start of a new era

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bicycle

We all love BMW bikes, although we’re mostly thinking about motorcycles when we say that, not those two-wheelers that require human power to move forwards. Nonetheless, the Bavarian automotive company has designed and developed the BMW Active Hybrid e-Bicycle, the next chapter in the company’s bicycle collection.

Innovative technology and a sophisticated design inspired from the world of cars have come together to capture our imagination on two wheels. The BMW active hybrid e-bike was designed to feature a motor and battery fully integrated into a sleek, hydroformed, aluminum frame, allowing this bicycle to get a sporty and discreet look.

This elegant frame is complemented by the familiar bullneck, and the Frozen Black and Arctic Silver paintwork makes wonders as well.

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bicycle

But let’s take a closer look at this bike’s inner workings. The BMW Active Hybrid e-Bicycle comes with an advanced brose electric motor, which will be activated when the situation calls for it. It develops of 250 W of power and 90 Nm of torque, providing the right energy for electric pedal assistance for as long as 100 kilometers or 62 miles.

Speaking of energy, a removable 504 Wh battery will keep four different power modes up and running and allow the rider to go as fast as 25 km/h (16 mph) on electric power only, while a micro USB socket and a special Bluetooth function will get your smartphone involved for the ride as well.

Saddle-maker Selle Royale joined BMW group’s design team to develop a saddle tailored specifically to the requirements of e-bikers, with a short nose, a rising seat surface at the rear and moving side wings. Small details are also important, like the LED light integrated into the aluminum mudguard over the rear wheel. Safe, modern and beautiful, just the way we like it.

BMW Active Hybrid e-Bicycle


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