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The Zemi Speaker Looks Wonderful And Sounds Even Better

By Victor Baker


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Zemi Speaker

This stylish spherical object is much more than a futuristic objet du decor; with a high-gloss finish, the Zemi Aria wireless speaker is an eye-catching device, designed to make your ears fill with joy. The Italian-made speaker was designed by Francesco Pellisari in collaboration with the London-based architect and industrial designer Ron Arad.

They’ve teamed up to create the ultimate piece of home audio equipment; this is why a 125-watt trio of amplifiers is also part of the package, along with an interior engineered to eliminate any unwanted resonance.

Zemi Speaker

Users could play music on the Zemi speaker from their phone, tablet, or computer through Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay and furthermore, this elegant device will also allow customers to make use of its input jack to connect a CD player or turntable – even though I really don’t know if anyone still uses CD players right now.

My wondering aside, you should know that the cool Zemi speaker will cost around $799 and it will be available in either white or black. I believe that about covers my power of description when it comes to this stunning device; let’s just hope you will discover its beauty by yourselves.

Zemi Speaker


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