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The wonderful Diva resort in Maldives

By Adrian Prisca


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The lovely Diva resort in located right in the heart of the Maldives, a place famous for its breathtaking beauty and crystal clear blue seas, a tranquil location, removed from the complexities of modern day life. It’s a dream destination for family holidays or for couples who want to spend a couple of days in this leaven.

Keen on watching 20 feet whale sharks up-close and personal? The Diva resort in the Maldives is ready to offer you this occasion, and many more beside it, like snorkeling in the the crystal-clear blue ocean, enjoying the greatest swimming spots in the world, a huge marine diversity, breathtaking landscapes and a complete runaway from day-to-day business.

The complex comprises water villas, each one equipped with stairs that lead directly into the ocean, for times when snorkeling and swimming really can’t be postponed. The villas are given a note of luxury through the Pierre Frey fabrics from Paris, Egyptian cotton sheets and marvelous Maldivian wood floors.

The design uses tones of turquoise, beige and ochre to fit the lagoon color. For those willing to relax inside their holiday homes, the restaurants offer a 24-hour room service, with menus varying from world renowned delicacies to local dishes. It is even possible to have your wedding at the location, for a truly memorable experience and a great idyllic setting,

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