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The Wolgan Valley Resort in New South Wales, Australia

By Adrian Prisca


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The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is one of Australia’s most staggering getaways. Found northwest of Sydney, in the famous region of New South Wales, it is reachable via helicopter, a 45 minutes flight, or by car, three hours of drive.

Superbly located at the foot of the Donkey and Wolgan Mountains, integrated part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, this massively superb land includes two of Australia’s most visited places, the Wollemi National Parks and the Gardens of Stone.

A luxurious way to spend a few days within the heart of the Blue Mountains, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is part of Emirates Group and provides extraordinary natural landscapes a few hours away from the most populated Australian city, Sydney. Comprising a total of 40 accommodation facilities, the resort overlooks the typical Australian landscapes from practically every one of its windows.

One interesting feature of this area is the impression provided by the light refracting through small particles of eucalyptus oil suspended in the air, which translates into a nice greenish and bluish glow.

Furthermore, one important aspect of this hotel-like resort is that it is committed to environmental sustainability and methods of conservation. Even its design somewhat appears to merge with the local landscaping, while each of the private suites contrasts with this by boasting with fireplaces, decks, top notch entertainment technology and private pools.

If you’re wondering about any sort of things you might be able to do at the Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, note that the list of possibilities is virtually interminable. The range of activities stretches from horseback riding to long foot walks, trekking and biking. The resort is also able to provide guests with trained guides who passionately explain the history and characteristics of the place.

The last things we should mention would be the fees – nightly rates start at AUD 1,400 (approximately €1,125 at current exchange rates) and directly depend on the season or guests’ choices or trifles.


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