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The Vertu Constellation Smile phone is here

By Adrian Prisca


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A superb and worthy of praise campaign has been launched by luxury cell phones manufacturer Vertu, still owned by Nokia. Aimed towards the children who suffer from cleft lips and cleft palates disorders, which leave thousands and thousands of juveniles from all around the world with privilege gaps, the initiative is supposed to provide one free corrective surgery to a child that suffers from any of those disorders for every Vertu Constellation Smile mobile phone sold.

The campaign has debuted on the 12th of June, by a global launch, in London, on the occasion of the unveiling of the aforementioned gadget, in collaboration with Smile Train, a non-profit worldwide organization which supports and deals with children suffering from cleft disorders.

The Vertu Constellation Smile mobile phone comes encased in a vulcanized rubber body, handmade and is available in four different colors – blue, purple, orange and black. It sports a state of the art, ear-tickling miniature sound system and a multi-touch sapphire screen.

We’re heartily supporting such initiatives and all we can do at the moment is to send our regards to Vertu and Smile Train for such an important project. There is a sad side too, as more and more malformations and disorders are happening today, most of them due to bad habits and pollution.


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  1. Does anybody know who Vertu is outsourcing their concierge service to these days?

    I tried asking customer service, but received a moronic response.

    You would think for a more expensive phone, you could receive a more intelligent response.

    I’m leaning against going with a Vertu. I can donate a lot more direct to Operation Smile.

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