The Vertu Aster Chevron Is A Marvelous Treat For Many Reasons

Vertu Aster Chevron

The ultra-luxurious Vertu Aster Collection is back into our attention, this time thanks to a new addition to the very exclusive group of stylish devices. The lavish family now includes a new series called Aster Chevron, comprising three amazing phones with a distinctive canvas showing off three colors – pink, blue or black.

The name “Chevron” refers to the unique pattern woven into the Italian canvas fabric, a pattern that’s inspired by the Vertu logo – just to make things clear. This might feel like a big change to some people, considering that Vertu has always been keen on supplying man-made materials for its customers, through their bespoke ordering process.

But the Aster Chevron has been developed using high-quality canvas material, that’s ideal for meeting everyone’s needs for stylish and functional designs.

Vertu Aster Chevron

As you’d expect from the brand, Vertu put a lot of effort and attention to detail when designing and developing these new devices. The Vertu Aster Chevron range looks and feels amazing, with the Aster Black Chevron, pastel shades of the Aster Pink Chevron and the vibrant cover of the Aster Blue Chevron blending in masterfully with the unique services and cutting edge technology the company has to offer.

Priced at $4,200 each, these smartphones are complemented by perfectly satin-finished Grade 5 Titanium sides and pillow. On a technical level, the Vertu Aster Chevron collection brags about Android 5.1 Lollipop on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor, along with 4.7-inch display with 1080p resolution and 473dpi.

Let’s not forget about the 13MP main camera, with twin LED flash, and the 2.1MP front camera. With 64GB worth of internal memory and a 2275 mAh battery, we’re thinking things are looking more than decent – although a more powerful battery would have been appreciated.

Vertu Aster Chevron